Advice That We Offer on Loss of Data

If you have lost all your data like important documents, photographs, contacts and more, then you can call us. Our experts are always there to answer your queries. We will try our best to offer you professional data recovery services and knowledge through email or telephonic call. When you call us, we first provide you valuable advice and will try to know the issues that you have. We can also tell you the total cost of data recovery cost which includes the delivery charges. If you think the cost is right for you, then we will advise you to pack the device securely and send that to us. You can use bubble wrap to make it more secure. You can get the shipping form from our website. Remember to send your device with full contact details. Well, you can also visit our centers and hand over the device to our staff.

No obligation quote required

When your storage device arrives at us, we first diagnosis the device to know the problem and will inform you about the cost. We will not ask you to sign any documents to carry our recovery process. We will also not modify the quote. If you feel happy with our terms and conditions, our experts will start the job and recover the data as quickly as possible.

What you do to recover your lost data

We normally take 2 to 3 days to recover the data. First, we recover the data to our secure servers, and then our expert will contact you or email you the details about recovered files and the list of directories. After successfully recovered your data, we will inform about this in the next day.

Delivering your data to you

If you are satisfied with our work, then we will tell you to make the payment using your debit or credit card, online banking, and cheque. Once we get the full payment, we will back up the data and will take necessary steps to send it back to you. We will also email you the screenshots and list of directories. We never charge extra money for using debit and credit cards.

Why Choose Sheffield Data Recovery?