What our clients say

We value feedback from our clients and as such think that you should read it too. We are proud of the things they have to say because we know that our clients are 100% satisfied with the recovery job we have provided them with.

Alan Loxley, Doncaster

Great result guys and outstanding USB Data Recovery service. You truly delivered as promised with a speedy file recovery service. After damaging my external hard drive, I had no way to recover my files as free data recovery software did not work. But somehow you guys recovered the data for me which is amazing.

Allan Loxley, Doncaster

Annabelle Heeley, Scunthorpe, UK

After my seagate external hard-drive decided to play up, I am happy to report that you have been able to recover all of my missing and deleted file data. Thank you so much to Sheffield Data Recovery.

Annabelle Heeley, Scunthorpe

Mark Worrall, Worksop

There were years of Pictures and Video on my damaged iMac computer. I took it to the Mac store at Meadowhall to get serviced and the data recovered, but Apple store could not do anything and recommended Sheffield Data Recovery. The file Data was fully recovered within 48 hours and backed up onto data DVD for me. Brilliant service.

Mark Worrall, Worksop

Claire Fulwood, Chesterfield, UK

Many thanks to Sheffield Data Recovery and your expert data recovery engineers on the recent recovery of the HP RAID-5 data belonging to a valuable client which had two failed disks. Our reputation was on the line and you managed to recover all files and have it back up and running remotely before my Director was even aware. Fantastic service.

Claire Fulwood, Chesterfield

Joe Handsworth, Rotherham, UK

I’m an accountant and my computer broke with the blue screen of death. I was devastated as it had all my client file data on there and the backups were not recent enough. Sheffield Data Recovery managed to recover nearly everything. Saved my business and reputation so THANKS!

Joe Handsworth, Rotherham

Andrew Woodhouse, Barnsley UK

Tony and the rest of the Sheffield Data Recovery team did an amazing job of recovering file data that was considered to be unrecoverable by 4 other companies and data recovery software.

Andrew Woodhouse, Barnsley

Nick Attercliffe, Sheffield, UK

Thank you very much for your help and fantastic service. My business files were on the Dell PC computer and I was hijacked by a ransomware virus and got some very threatening emails. Thank you so much for keeping me calm and assuring me you could recover the file data and for your advice on not to try ransomware removal myself. I am so glad I trusted you and did not give in to those charlatans. You got 100% of my my data back and a completely clean PC again. An absolute pleasure to deal with and a speedy service. An outstanding data recovery service.

Nick Attercliffe, Sheffield

Why Choose Sheffield Data Recovery?

  • Fixed pricing on recovery (You know what you are paying - no nasty surprises).
  • Quick recovery turnaround at no extra cost. (Our average recovery time is 2 days).
  • Memory card chip reading services (1st in the UK to offer this service).
  • Raid recoding service (Specialist service for our business customers who have suffered a failed server rebuild).
  • Our offices are 100% UK based and we never outsource any recovery work.
  • Strict Non-disclosure privacy and security is 100% guaranteed.

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