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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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The degradation of the USB memory:

Just like other storage devices, the USB memory is also meant to store the data and the information on the USB. The slowing of the device does not mean that the device has some problem. Many of us who are using the devices may not consider the possibility of the devices of failure. But when the failure happens, the user is left with no option to backup the data and protect the information from getting deleted. It is very easy to carry the USB stick in the pocket along with the information. There is a chip on every USB stick which is called the EEPROM that acts as a flash memory. The thin layer of the oxide that over time whittles down as the information keeps passing away.

The physical damage to the USB:

Accidents or mishandling can happen anywhere at any point in time. The USB stick is the only option that is good as well as it can last even after the severe knock. If this happens then, the majority of the results mean that you could end up plugging up your USB stick into the host device. Soon after plugging the device if your USB stick is not performing well as per your expectation. The experts at are here to help you in the best possible ways and help you to keep your data safe.

The USB 2.0 Port damage:

The main functionality of the USB memory stick is that it can be used in more than one system as well as in more than one place. The user can check if it is functioning correctly or not right from the office to the home. The USB sticks should be able to read the data on all the machines. It might happen that the USB 2.0 device may not get recognized once you plugin to the system. There might be a problem in the pins of the memory chip and the USB adapter. As according to the complications of the USB sticks can help you in fixing the complicated problems.

The deletion of the USB stick:

This is one of the most common problems that come before everyone. Many times you delete the most important information from the USB stick, once after deleting the information by the time you realize the mistake it is too late. There is some set of software that is available for the data recovery, but they cannot ensure you that the data will not get corrupted. The technical experts at ensure that the data is retrieved safely without any damage.

The problem in the reading of the USB sticks:

While using the USB sticks, it might happen that you may not be able to read the data on your USB stick just like as usual. There might be a corruption in the file allocation table of the memory chip. The problem might occur because of the USB might have been used for a long time, or it might happen due as the lifespan of the USB sticks is over. If you are facing problem in accessing the memory sticks, then you can contact where the technical experts will guide you through the problem.

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