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The panel of experts working with us have a vast experience in recovering the data from the raid servers. The experts working with the organization have an experience of 15 years who can help you to recover the data.
Raid Recovery

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The Encounter of a RAID Server and the Array Problems:

RAID servers are used to access the multiple drivers at the same time to speed up the production in the small office or the giant companies. Within this, the problem can occur where the individual drivers are failing and not allowing saving the data. The RAID server helps to create a mirror image of the data. At the same instance, the problem can occur like the failing of the RAID controller. We are trying our best to deal with these types of problems.

The Hot Swapping failure of RAID hard drive:

The hot swapping is simple but one of the effective technique. As the RAID server is switched on the users still connected to it can replace the faulty drive. With the newly installed drive, it can again prepare the mirror image of the data to save it. There is a large percentage of data that works without any incident, but in some, the results can reach with a slight loss of data. From this end, we have sophisticated recovery software and the extensive knowledge base that can help you recover the missing data.

The Rebuild failure of the RAID server:

RAID server rebuilds are the something that no any IT employees want to carry until and unless it is necessary. These types of occasions arise when the rebuild was not successful, unlike the hot swap the rebuild of a RAID server means to power down the system and getting all the system logged off by the members. It will take time and patience to identify the malfunctioning drive. A rebuild may seem that it is going work well when powering the RAID backup but the software remounting may report errors. RAID rebuild helps you to recover the data safely.

RAID firmware: The upgrade Unsuccessful:

There is no any doubt about the fact that the RAID firmware is important. This is designed to send the instructions between each of the drivers present in the array as well as to the controller card via an external computer. The failing firmware can lead to the breakdown of the communications between the drivers, boards, as well as the controller cards. The failure of the firmware in the RAID devices is something that we can deal with the experience.

The RAID partition and the issue of the controller card:

The RAID controller cards are often found in the external PC’s. They control the RAID array as well as allow the access from other computers attached to the network. A failing controller can be identified by one or more members who are not able to access the saved data.

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